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Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar

Built: 1999
Designed by: Gleneagles Golf Development
Green Fee: € 100 (18 holes) € 65 (9 holes)
Buggy: € Included in Green Fee


Carrer Cromiec 1
Camp de Mar
Tel.:+34 971 236 280


About Camp de Mar

The valley and the various slopes within it play a lead role on this course and precision is rewarded more than length off the tee. There are often many different ways to play each hole and this adds to the fantastic sense of variety on offer as well as value for money.

We'd say you'll need to take a few more balls out than usual, but seeing as everyone is in the same position even if you do go into the trees its possible to come out break-even on balls.

There are no courses West of here, although Bendinat and the Son Vida courses can both be played in the same day as Camp de Mar.

The signature hole on the front 9 would have to be the Par 5 5th which at 448m does not play overly long but is definitely a challenge. There is a 150m carry to reach the fairway which could be intimidating, and after that there is a large tree in the range of a good drive which can make the hole play a lot more difficult. The green is well protected by bunkers and tends to move a lot more than you would think. Tricky and intricate but ultimately a good challenge.

The 484m Par 5 10th is typical of the back 9 as it plays longer but more straightforward than the previous outward 9. A raised tee with a wide landing area that opens up on the left invites a decent strike from the tee. The second and approach shots are then uphill and to the right which is against the lie of the land making clubbing and aim very important.

You can use our shot saver section on the right to know when to lay up and when to cut the corner, and there's plenty of other options on each hole...

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Camp de Mar Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 328m, dog leg left with a wall in front of the green. A nice start to the course but with a twist given the wall in front of the green. The line off the tee is on the left over the edge of the slope. This will let you play around the wall. Local rules are that all walls (trust me there are a few more to come!) are an integral part of the course so if you are too close to it you'll need to take a drop.

2nd – Par 3, 148m, Out of Bounds right and steep drop off left. The need for precision starts early and starts here. A decent length hole with a small green and landing area with danger clear to see each side and over the back! Keeping right is advisable here as there is a bank greenside right in front of the trees which can provide a kick onto the green.

3rd – Par 4, 278m, dogleg right, a driveable green but well protected. A tease of a hole that is not as long as it looks. The green can be driven but there is a bunker behind the tree that will catch anything not perfectly struck across the dogleg. Something less than driver on the line of the olive tree leaves only a short pitch on and points in the bag. We say get them in while you can as it is about to get a lot more difficult. 4th – Par 3, 151m, water in front and plenty room to the back. The water may look intimidating but isn't really in play for any reasonably well struck shot from the elevated tee.

5th – Par 5, 448m, a carry to the fairway and wicked bunker short left of the green. Anything left of the tree off the tee may block you out for your second shot or force you left towards the greenside bunkers. It is not a long hole so don't overstretch, play to the right of the tree and stay to the right of the green to avoid the deep bunker. The green moves a lot more than it looks which you will probably want to allow for.

6th – Par 5, 532m, a long Par 5 with a narrow fairway all the way and Out of Bounds along the left. This hole is Stroke Index 1 and plays that way. Its a long hole and feels it from the tee. A narrow fairway that narrows further and is framed by two trees makes the second shot difficult if you are too far right off the tee. We say stay left off the tee but go right on the second as there is a water hazard short left of the bunker which isn't obvious from the fairway.

7th – Par 4, 391m, a cheeky green on the middle level of a terrace. Don't go too long off the tee as being tight up against the wall will make the chip on very difficult. Keep it regulation and stay left of the tree for the best route into the green. 8th – Par 4, 391m, spectacular view from the raised tee, narrow fairway with water short left of the green. The narrow landing zone makes for an intimidating tee shot. There is plenty of room right of the green, but the water seems to suck in any balls that start or end left of the green.

10th – Par 5, 465m, dogleg right with a narrow fairway and uphill approach. The fairway opens up on the left in range of a good drive and this is the classic line into the raised green. Keeping right without going too far right will be the balancing act that conquers this hole.

12th – Par 4, 336m, uphill dogleg right with a narrow sloping fairway. There is trouble all the way along the right so cutting the dogleg can be dangerous.

13th – Par 4, 343m, water hazard running across the fairway leaving a long approach. A straight hole but with an awkward water hazard directly in the range of a drive. A mid iron off the tee leaves the equivalent club as an approach to a well protected green. We say better left than right on your second.

14th – Par 4, 273m, dogleg right uphill.  Another driveable green, but again a bunker behind the trees in place to capture the adventurous. A good drive up to the olive tree straight ahead leaves a small chip on and points in the bag again hopefully.

15th – Par 3, 174m, highly elevated tee, Out of Bounds tight left and right. A very elevated tee gives you a lot of green to aim at whilst leaving no room for error either side. At least one club less than you imagine, if not two given the elevation.

16th – Par 4, 304m, water on the right, Out of Bounds and innocent villa inhabitants on the left. The correct club to lay up short of the water sets you up for a short pitch to the green whilst the aggressive Tiger line could prove expensive, either to your scorecard or from the cost of repairs to a villa, or both.

18th – Par 5, 435m, dogleg left around the hotel and over water to the green. A great hole to finish. The Tiger line is over the far left bunker to reach the green in two. Be aware that the hotel is tight on the left so any draw could be embarrassing. If you can't make it in two choose your lay up club and landing area carefully to avoid the water on the left.

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