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Built: 1986
Designed by: Jose Gancedo
Green Fee: € 70 (18 holes) € 40 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 30


Ctra. Palma-Pollensa km 49,3
Tel.:+34 971 533 216


About Pollensa

The Pollensa golf course is not a long course with only one Par 5 and as such the challenge lies not in the distance but the short game required. The greens vary from reasonable to very tricky and really are the biggest challenge on the course, and they make Pollensa one of the most challenging golf experiences on Mallorca, and one that will have you coming back for more to see if you can conquer them!

It is a very walkable course with a natural layout which makes good use of the valley in which it sits and we are sure that you will enjoy your golf here.

To be honest what you see is what you get here, which are straightforward and down to earth holes and Pollensa does true and fair golf through and through. We think that the Par 4 3rd hole is both a classic hole and also representative of Golf Pollensa generally. It is a dogleg left which incorporates numerous bunkers as well as a large and prominent water feature. The green here is more docile than most but still packs a punch.

See our Shot Saver section to the right to see how to play this hole and many others at Pollensa. What you see is what you get here, but that isn't to say that we can't be of some help in letting you know what's in store up ahead and around the corner.

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Pollensa Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 260m, green is straight ahead and fairway slopes left to right all the way.The sloping fairway and bunkers on the right mean that staying left of centre all the way is safest here. What you can't see from the fairway is that there is a dip which cuts in front of the right hand side of the green so left from start to finish is the order of the day really. Bear in mind that the green drops off sharply at the back and the right.

2nd – Par 4, 332m, fairway narrows in the range of a drive.Another straightforward Par 4 although a bit longer this time. The narrow fairway may cause issues if you take too much club whilst there is plenty of space short of the narrow point so you may consider taking less club off the tee. The green slopes from the back to the front and you may want to leave yourself an uphill putt on this green.

3rd – Par 4, 365m, dogleg left with water on the left of the green.The longest Par 4 on the course here with an elevated tee and a carry over trees. It is quite a sharp dogleg left so it is wise to stay right off the tee to give a good line into the green. The water on the left wraps around behind the green which is worth bearing in mind on approach.

4th – Par 3, 140m, carry is over water, bunkers and rocks.The green is slightly elevated relative to the tee and there is a carry over a bunker and some rocks so it may be wise to take an extra club here and swing nice and easy.

5th – Par 4, 270m, dogleg right with uphill approach and bunker protected green.A good looking hole and one of the few where it may be worthwhile to go large off the tee. A good strike can clear the corner of the trees in front and leave a pitch on. The more conservative route is to go wide left and cut back right. There is quite a deep bunker short right of the green so it is best to stay left on approach and keep in mind that the green again slopes from the back to the front.

6th – Par 4, 290m, dogleg left with water on the left off the tee.Another dogleg here where you may be tempted to cut the corner of the water and whilst it is possible it is not really necessary as the hole is not that long. There is a large bunker in front of the green but it is very shallow and very playable indeed. A fun hole.

7th – Par 4, 345m, a narrow hole with water and bunkers all the way down the left of the hole and Out of Bounds right.Narrow and hazardous this one. It is also slightly uphill as well. There are two small banks either side of the green which tend to funnel the ball onto the green.

8th – Par 3, 102m, deep bunkers in front of the green and Out of Bounds at the back.This hole is all about club selection off the tee which can be made harder by the wind. There is a bank at the back of the green to aim for a roll back on, therefore avoiding the bunkers short. The green is wide but not very deep and has 3 steps in it running from left to right. A very difficult green this one!

9th – Par 5, 470m, slight turn left and uphill all the way home.Elevated tee with a fairway that leads uphill all the way to the clubhouse. There are 2 trees in the middle of the fairway to aim at although we suggest you go to the right of them as there is more room there than there appears to be from the tee. There are 2 pot bunkers short left of the green and some bumpy depressions all around it. The green itself has a very large step in it from back to front again so its best to leave the approach shorter than longer to give yourself an uphill putt.

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