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Built: 1978
Designed by: John Harris
Green Fee: € 88 (18 holes) € 45 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 40


Ctra. Cala Figuera,s/n
Tel.:+34 971 130 148


About Poniente

Poniente is a long golf course at 6,140m off the yellow tees and therefore the driver comes out of the bag early here. This is a very diverse course where every hole presents a different challenge, whether it be an uphill approach to the green (there are plenty of these), or a water feature directly in your line. The greens are as varied as the landscape and range in both pace and slope. The course design is similarly diverse sometimes giving you room behind the green on the uphill approaches and sometimes not. Check out our Shot Saver section on the right to get the inside track on which is which.

At 30 minutes West of Palma it can be played in the same day as Camp de Mar in Andratx and Santa Ponsa further to the West, and Bendinat on the way back into Palma.

Typical of the front 9 is the Par 4 8th hole. You have a magnificent view across the plains to the Sierra Tramuntana mountains as well as the green and pin tantalizing sitting at the bottom of the downhill fairway. Its beauty does hide a darker side as there are a few subtle dangers here, see our hole by hole review below to see how best to play this hole.

The Par 4 10th on the back 9 is indicative of how Poniente plays. At 390m it is quite a long hole and it also incorporates two water features into it which force you wide and make it play longer. It is quite devious but we provide the answers in our Shot Saver section on the right.


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Poniente Shot Saver

2nd – Par 5, 500m, slight dogleg left. The driver comes out of the bag early at Poniente. This is a long hole more often than not against the wind. The tee shot is wide open whilst on the second shot the best line in is to the right of the electricity pylon as on its left is a large bunker that can be avoided.

3rd – Par 4, 380m, uphill approach to a small green. Like many others holes at Poniente this one feels longer than it really is because of the uphill fairway. There is a bunker directly in play from the tee so we suggest you take an extra club to clear it. We suggest you stay cautious on the approach as there is no space behind the small green.

4th – Par 4, 360m, dogleg right with another uphill approach. Another hole that feels longer than it is. There is bunker front right of the green protecting against an approach from the right so we say play safe and stay clear of the corner on this one.

5th – Par 5, 435m, dogleg right almost at a right angle. This Par 5 is easily reachable in two even though the green is protected on 3 sides by bunkers. The aggressive line off the tee is directly at (or even to the right of) the tallest tree in the background. Whilst there are bunkers surrounding the green they are neither deep nor threatening enough to impose caution on your approach.

7th – Par 4, 325m, dogleg left. After all the long holes on this course this one bucks the trend. The fairway bunker straight ahead is in range off the tee whilst the fairway drops off steeply to the right and thick trees await. We suggest a shorter club than usual off the tee keeping tight with the corner as the best option here. There is also a steep drop off at the back of the green here so a conservative approach is recommended.

8th – Par 4, 365m, downhill left to right sloping fairway with a great view. A good looking hole with a pronounced slope left to right in the fairway. With dense trees on the right it seems a no-brainer to suggest to stay left here! However, there’s no need to go large off the tee as the slope will do some of the work for you. Also, don’t overcompensate and go too far left as there are some tall bushes cutting out into the fairway in front of the green which may block your second shot and make it a blind approach to the green.

10th – Par 4, 390m, dogleg right with 2 water features in play. A deceptive tee shot that looks relatively wide open, but trust me the water will swallow anything that lands anywhere near it! If you do go right off the tee then your second will be over water again so it’s probably best to take a longer club and swing easy, there is plenty room over the back if you strike it well. The dry line is left off the tee and left again on approach.

11th – Par 5, 490m, water on the right in play on the second shot. Another long hole! Staying tight to the trees on the right of the tee is the best line. On the second shot there is water behind the line of palm trees on the right which can be a factor if you have a fade. There is also water short left so be aware of that. Best to zig-zag your way through this hole.

15th – Par 3, 150m, tree directly in front of the green. Often the pin is placed directly in the line of the tree encouraging you to go over it if you are bold enough. Be aware that there is a bunker on the left behind the tree so it is a risky option. In fact you don’t have to go over the tree to hit the green and there is plenty of room on the right, which is the percentage option we would always take here.

16th – Par 4, 340m, totally uphill hole with narrow fairway, trees right and Out of Bounds left. A very challenging hole that we feel deserves a higher Stroke Index rating. Given the steepness from the tee as well as a very narrow fairway we say it is best to be short and go to the left off the tee here as the fairway drops off to the right and carries anything that is vaguely going that way even further into the jungle. Keeping left on the second shot will also keep the ball in play although there is a deep bunker right in front of the green. Going too far right on the second risks another lost ball!

18th – Par 5, 475m, slight dogleg right. Another long hole to finish. Staying left from the tee and keeping it on the high ground is our suggestion here. You’ll get some roll from the fairway and create the best line into the green. This is a green that can be attacked as there are few hazards around it, and a nice chip on always keeps us coming back for more!

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