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Pula Golf

Pula Golf

Built: 1995
Designed by: José Maria Olazabal
Green Fee: € 65 (18 holes) € 45 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 30


Ctra. Son Servera a Capdepera km 3
Son Servera
Tel.:+34 971 817 034


About Pula Golf

The golf course at Pula is a hilly course which is walkable, but it is definitely a hard walk where the back 9 holes climb and descend a few steep hills. There are a number of lakes, ponds and streams which integrate nicely into the course and make it 18 holes where you have to think your way around each one.

Either water or bunkers (or both) can be in the range of a good tee shot, with hills, doglegs and stepped greens to contend with. There are 8 separate water features on this course which come into play on the majority of holes. There are also some very deep pot bunkers placed around the course, always either in front of the green or in the fairway in range of a drive. These hazards never combine to become over-bearing which makes this course a pleasurable challenge to the good golfer.

There are 4 courses in the North East with Capdepera and Canyamel being the other two 18 hole courses with a 9 hole course at Son Servera.

Typical of the front nine is the Par 4 5th hole. At 304m from the yellow tees it is not a very long hole, however with a prominent water feature on the right off the tee and Out of Bounds on the left this hole needs a clear strategy combined with precise execution. Challenging stuff that is still fun. Our Shot Saver section on the right has some advice on the best lines to take and club selection on this and other holes at Pula.

The back nine holes at Pula present a different challenge from the front nine where more distance is required off the tees. The Par 4 17th demonstrates this where the hole runs uphill all the way with Out of Bounds on the right and some very deep fairway bunkers directly in the range of a good drive. A long second shot is left to a green protected by bunkers and a steep drop off behind it. You can use our Shot Saver section on the right for some ideas of how you could approach this hole and others.

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Pula Golf Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 373m, Out of Bounds all the way down the left of the fairway with a large but shallow bunker in the range of a drive. The thinking needs to start early at Pula as the fairway bunker on the right covers two thirds of the width of the fairway and will catch anything well struck from the tee. You may consider taking less club, an iron even, off the tee to leave a clean second shot. The green here is wide and flat and a gentle start.

2nd – Par 3, 156m, carry over a ravine and Out of Bounds over the back of the green. The ravine here is very psychological and tends to make you take too much club, which then brings the Out of Bounds into play. At only 156m we suggest you don't overcompensate because of the ravine and just relax. Easier said than done!

3rd – Par 4, 332m, dogleg right with a small landing area off the tee, uphill approach to the green. A curious hole when seen from the tee for the first time. We suggest you play this hole as if it were two Par 3's of 165m each. The first challenge is to land your tee shot safely in between the bunkers straight ahead and the tree on the right. Too much club off the tee will mean you are clubbing up to the green from a downslope. There is a deep bunker short left of a green that has 2 steps in it. We suggest you leave yourself an uphill putt here.

4th – Par 4, 348m, stream running all the way down the left of the fairway. Not a long hole and not too tricky, as reflected by the Stroke Index 18. Be aware that there is a very deep pot bunker short right of the green that we recommend avoiding at all costs.

5th – Par 4, 304m, large lake on the right, Out of Bounds on the left. An intricate hole that needs thinking about. The fairway narrows in the range of a drive so you may prefer a bit more accuracy off the tee rather than distance. The green here is large and relatively flat so you can approach from distance without fear.

6th – Par 5, 465m, dogleg right with water on the right hand side that cuts across the fairway. A small, well protected green. You may not be able to see the water on the right of the fairway but it is in front of the walls that you can see. Anything that slides right will be swallowed by the water so we suggest you stay left off the tee and do not try to reach the green in two as the fairway narrows towards the green which is surrounded by Out of Bounds.

7th – Par 4, 375m, dogleg right sloping downhill towards the green. From the tee this fairway is narrow and it feels like a long Par 4. The bunkers on the left are a threat to well struck drive whilst there are trees and a downslope to the right. Fortunately your second can make use of the downslope towards the green so you do not have to be too heroic off the tee as the hole does not play as long as it looks.

8th – Par 3, 174m, long Par 3 with water on the left of the green. A long hole where club selection and precision are required. Anything on a straight line either short or long will be safe as will anything right. Left is clearly a danger.

9th – Par 5, 427m, uphill dogleg left with water on the right and in front of the green. Not a long par 5 but sloping slightly uphill which makes it play longer. A lay up on your second shot is advisable depending on your position off the tee as there is a stream running across the fairway in front of the green. In between the stream and the green is a bunker which is shallow and should not cause you any problems.

10th – Par 5, 449m, long straight and uphill all the way. This hill feels like it goes on forever. The fairway is straight and wide and the only challenge comes from the green where there is a devilish step in the green meaning a downhill putt from the top level at the back of the green could end up a long way down the hill if you can't stop it. We advise you try and leave an uphill putt here.

11th – Par 4, 278m, elevated tee with a small pond in front of the green. The elevated tee and low yardage have lay up written all over it! A good place to score points if you can keep your cool pitching over water. An easy place to lose points if you drive into the water.

12th – Par 3, 431m, uphill then downhill makes it play shorter. This hole plays a lot shorter than it sounds. A good drive up the hill is needed in order to make the most of the downslope to a generous and relatively unprotected green. From the tee the bunker on the right hand side of the fairway is in range of a drive but is very shallow and allows a fairway wood to be taken out of it.

14th – Par 4, 304m, another short Par 4 with lots of water features and not much club required. An iron off the tee is recommended here so that even if you stray right you come up short of the little pond. Staying right on approach is the right line, bearing in mind that there is Out of Bounds tight behind the green.

15th – Par 4, 395m, tight fairway with Out of Bounds all the way down the right. A long Par 4. Stroke Index 1 because of the distance and tight fairway. A straight hole where there aren't any tricks or advice, only that there is no room behind the green so a short approach beats a long one every day of the week.

16th – Par 4, 365m, dogleg left with water all the way down the left. One of the most curious holes we have ever played. From the tee it looks like you can choose which side of the water to go, however the left hand side is hitting back up the 17th fairway. Very strange, and a little dangerous actually! To play the hole in regulation is to keep right of centre with less club from the elevated tee and keep a dry line into the green.

17th – Par 4, 332m, very deep fairway bunkers in range of a drive, uphill all the way. Whilst the fairway bunkers are in range of a good drive it is worthwhile hitting as close to them as you can as this plays as a long Par 4. The dogleg right means that if you go left off the tee the hole will play longer, whereas keeping tight to the corner means that you may have to hit over the corner of the farm there. A difficult choice and one you need to make based on how you are hitting the ball.

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