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Built: 2006
Designed by: Nicklaus Design
Green Fee: € 81 (18 holes) € 48 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 35


Cami de Vell de Sineu, km 9.45
Palma de Mallorca
Tel.:+34 971 797 330


About Puntiro

Puntiro Golf Park Mallorca is everything you would expect from one that carries the name of the Golden Bear, being well maintained, tricky, and good value for money.

Being on flat land has two impacts on how this course plays. Firstly it is a very walkable course and secondly the prevailing winds blow in from the South unobstructed so it often becomes a factor especially on the front nine, and in keeping with the feel of the course it tends to push you towards the numerous hazards.

Situated in the flat plains 20 minutes to the East of Palma it can be played in the same day as Son Gual, Son Vida, Son Quint and Son Muntaner.

The Signature holes at Puntiro are deep fairway bunkers combined with water cutting into the fairway in front of the green. Devious in places! Typical of the front 9 is the Par 4 3rd hole. At 345m it doesn’t play long from the yellow tees but with 3 deep fairway bunkers exactly in the range from the tee covering the fairway from the left, right and centre it does present a strategic challenge. Continuing the theme of Puntiro there is a steep and deep bunker short left of the green which the fairway naturally slopes towards.

The Par 4 15th on the back 9 is typical of the use of water on the course. Again it is a short hole but the water here is the real star. Stretching all the way down the right it makes you set up to the left from the start which makes the hole play longer. Also typical of Puntiro is the way that the water feature cuts across the fairway front of the green. Not only this but the fairway slopes downwards into it meaning that any slight fade ends up wet.

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Puntiro Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 313m, an intimidating string of bunkers down the right hand side. A representative way to start this course. The bunkers on the right look fearsome even from the tee and the tee seems to set you up to go right. The visual threat on the right hand side encourages you to over compensate and set up left which then brings the thick trees into play. Our advice is stay left of course but don’t overreach, it is perhaps an idea to take less club and keep it safe.

3rd – Par 4, 347m, its all about the bunkers from the tee and on approach. The fairway bunkers spread across the fairway and are in the range of the big hitters. From short of the bunkers it is a fairly long second but you'd do well to keep right with it to counter the sloping fairway that feeds into the bunker. A tricky hole but played well it can yield points.

4th – Par 5, 494m, narrow fairway sloping to the left all the way. The blind tee shot makes this a difficult hole. Because the fairway slopes right to left all the way its best to go right and stay right. If you go left the lie will force you further left and Out of Bounds. Short left of the green is a deep depression (but mercifully not a bunker) so that is even more reason to stay right. The green is small but there are no bunkers here so there is an upside.

7th – Par 4, 287m, water all the way down the right. Not a long Par 4 again but with water all the way down the right it is another hole that plays with your mind and tempts you into a classic over-compensation like the 1st hole. A conservative approach to the green and keeping left is advised as the water cuts across the front of the green enticing the ball towards it.

8th – Par 4, 310m, green is in range but fully over the water. More mind games here because the green is absolutely driveable and the tee sets you up that way, but your drive has to carry the full 300m to make it, at which point you will have to stop the ball almost dead to stay on the green. A thin sliver of fairway to the left is the other option that then forces an approach over water again with no landing area in front of the pin. It does allow plenty room behind the green so it is a fair hole. Playing the percentages or taking the Tiger line is entirely up to you!

10th – Par 4, 316m, dog leg left with downslope towards the green. A short Par 4 but a downhill fairway and dogleg creates a blind tee shot. The clean line in is to the right of the fairway bunker and then straight down the slope. You can cut the corner to the left of the bunker and get more roll but the benefit in no way outweighs the risk. Play it straight and you’ll be rewarded.

11th – Par 5, 445m, fairway and greenside bunkers again. A long hole with all the tees set far back, and there are a lot of bunkers again. The upside is that there is no severe rough or trees in play so any route works. We say aim at the fairway bunker and you probably won’t hit it! The green hides behind a set of bunkers but there is plenty of room to the right to play with if in doubt.

14th – Par 5, 428m, straight hole with Out of Bounds on the right. The best line off the tee is to the left of the windows of the building in front. The fairway slopes right to left all the way so this and the OB on the right make it a no brainer. The green is quite reachable because of the downslope, but you don’t have to be a big hitter to get points here. If you stay left and approach from the left the greenside bunkers are out of play.

15th – Par 4, 328m, water on the right which cuts in front of the green. The small green makes leaving a long second shot hazardous. The perfect way to play this if you can is to put your drive snug up to the fairway bunker and take enough club to pitch onto the green.

16th – Par 3, 172m, a carry over water, tricky when the wind blows. There is plenty of space to the left of the green which reduces the distance to carry the water. If there is a wind blowing we would recommend bailing out right rather than shooting for the pin.

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