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Son Antem (East)

Son Antem (East)

Built: 1994
Designed by: Serigolf
Green Fee: € 74 (18 holes) € 42 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 38


Carretera MA-19, s/n
Tel.:+34 971 129 200


About Son Antem (East)

The East course at Son Antem has mostly wide and forgiving fairways, and whilst it has a higher number of bunkers and water features none are too deep as to be punishing and recovery is always an possibility.

Wind can play a large part here although it does usually seem to be with you on the majority of holes which is nice. Where there are trees on the course they tend to be widely spaced enough for you to be able to find your ball. Water features play a larger part here than on its sister course and come into play on a number of holes, however, on quite a few the water is out of range so it is more of a psychological hazard than a risk of running out of balls.

The Signature hole on the front 9 would have to be the 4th which is a Par 4 with water on the left in the range of a good tee shot. It epitomises Son Antem East as it is not a long hole, the hazard is avoidable with plenty room on the other side whilst the green is well protected by bunkers. A playable and enjoyable hole, made easier by our Shot Saver section on the right.

The Par 4 11th dogleg right sums up the back 9 as again it is not a long hole, and as with all the doglegs on this course if you know on which ones you can afford to stay close to the trees you will end up scoring good points. Here you can carry the trees off the tee and pitch on. You can use our Shot Saver section on the right for more details on this and other holes at Son Antem.

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Son Antem (East) Shot Saver

1st – Par 5, 446m, dog leg right. A typical start to this course. From the tee the fairway is wide open and the best line is to the right of the trees in the middle and then cutting inside them to the green. If you go left off the tee they are in your way on approach. There is a bunker short right of the green so you have to thread the needle here.

2nd – Par 3, 122m, water left and bunkers right. A short hole but with a carry over water. There is plenty of green to play with here so we say club up and swing easy. The bunker is shallow and kind so if anything go right.

3rd – Par 4, 304m, slight turn left. There is a long narrow bunker behind the trees on the left and behind it are innocent people sitting on the terrace of their villa, so the line here is on the left of the fairway, but not too far left! The wind can tend to take you left and the fairway opens up to the right, so your options are open here.

4th – Par 4, 314m, water left and trees right. The water is well in range of a tee shot so we suggest you go short off the tee to take it out of play. From the fairway the green looks further away than it really is, so there is nothing to lose from holding back off the tee (apart from another ball if you don't).

5th – Par 3, 181m, a long Par 3 with Out of Bounds on the left. A long Par 3 that needs plenty club off the tee complicated by a right to left wind that draws you towards the next set of innocents in the villas. There is room to the right of the bunker if you don't fancy going over it.

7th – Par 5, 520m, long but straight. No dog leg here so the line is straight down the middle. The trees on the right are not too threatening and shouldn't swallow your ball, but they are however closely spaced so you'll probably have to chip out sideways if you venture in. Aim to go left of the tree on your second shot as it will take the bunkers in front of the green out of play.

8th – Par 4, 354m, dogleg right. Not a long hole, especially if you can stay tight to the trees from the tee. The fairway opens up to the right past the trees leaving just a chip onto the green. If you go left from the tee you'll play double the distance you need to.

10th – Par 5, 467m, dogleg right with a narrow fairway. Not an overly long hole but with a narrow fairway and a turn to the right it is a little tricky. No tips here just take it easy, don't over stretch and play it in regulation.

11th – Par 4, 363m, dogleg right with a narrow fairway. A signature hole for its length. The line is tight right, those with the distance can carry the trees to leave a pitch on. There is plenty of green on the left so no need to really go for the pin and risk the bunker and tree on the right.

12th – Par 4, 307m, straightforward hole with a hidden water hazard. A straight hole but there is water short left of the green which can't always been seen from the fairway. Bear it in mind and approach from the right.

14th – Par 4, 383m, dogleg right with an unprotected green. Don't take it too tight off the tee here, a good strike will hit the bunker and if it doesn't the trees will block the line in. Play this one wider and longer, there's no bunkers around the green so it is forgiving from a distance.

15th – Par 4, 376m, water on the right. Don't fall for the threat of the water! From the tee only a hero could reach it, so don't club short or overcompensate because of it! If you stay on the left of the fairway its not in play on approach either. At Stroke Index 1 it should be points in the bag.

17th – Par 4, 370m, water on the left, thick trees on the right. The water is in play here and there is another sneaky water hazard running all the way down the left up to the front of the green. Its not too long so no need to go for it off the tee, nor on approach.

18th – Par 5, 501m, straight hole all the way to the clubhouse. It may feel like a long way to the bar from the tee but it isn't really. The green is highly reachable for the big hitters, but two bunkers framing the approach means you'll have to be accurate to make it work. If you play it in regulation it'll leave you with a good feeling and coming back for more.

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