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Son Quint

Son Quint

Built: 2007
Designed by: Ramon Espinosa & Kurt Rossknecht
Green Fee: € 90 (18 holes) € 55 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 45


Pro Shop, Restaurant, Bar


Urbanización Son Vida
Palma de Mallorca
Tel.:+34 971 793 424


About Son Quint

Son Quint is 5,929m off the yellow tees which makes it a fairly long course and it can certainly play that way on a windy day. We found it a pleasant challenge from start to finish.

As the lowest course of the 3 Arabella courses this is a very walkable course and whilst the rolling hills form an integral part of the course’s character and its design it is very much the man made hazards which play a major part in how the course feels to play. Two different water features are in play on 4 holes and include the devilish Par 3 12th. Bunkers are not overly abundant but very well placed which makes this a strategic course as well as a reasonably long one.

Given its proximity to Palma Son Quint can be played in the same day as Bendinat and Puntiro and as well as its nearby sister courses Son Vida and Son Muntaner.

Typical of the front 9 is the Par 5 7th hole. This is a long hole at 439m off the yellow tees and its difficulty is increased by a very narrow fairway and a bunker in range of the second shot. The green is also well protected with 2 bunkers on the front fringe either side. You'll need a strategy from the tee to conquer this hole, and out Shot Saver section on the right may be able to help.

The Par 3 12th on the back 9 is typical of how the man made hazards are a real part of this golf course. The 12th hole is 178m off the yellow tees and the entire carry is over water with precious little bail out room right or left. Very difficult! We have advice on these and many of the other holes at Son Quint in our Shot Saver section on the right.

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Son Quint Shot Saver

2nd – Par 4, 343m, straight and narrow with protective bunkers around the green. As with many holes here at Son Quint the line is often clear off the tee and the details around the greens are more important. Here there are bunkers short left and right of the green and plenty of room on the green on the back left. If you can take enough club and stay left for safety it should be rewarded.

3rd – Par 3, 162m, right to left slope from tee to green. With a distinct slope all the way from right to left, and quite a steep bunker to the left of the green the safe line here is clearly favouring the right hand side of the fairway to use the natural slope.

5th – Par 4, 329m, slight dogleg right with bunker short right of the green. The line is there to be chosen off the tee regarding how close you get to the trees. Bear in mind that there is a bunker on the front right of the green protecting against an approach from the right.

6th – Par 4, 317m, dogleg right almost at a right angle. This dogleg turns at almost 90 degrees about 190m down the fairway (from the yellow tees) and the big hitters should be able to get very close to the green by cutting the corner of the trees. A note of caution though - the 7th fairway is tight on the right here and is considered Out of Bounds if playing the 6th so a wayward tee shot could not only cause injury to those on the 7th but also a shot, you've been warned.

7th – Par 5, 439m, long and narrow again with a fairway bunker in play on the second shot. This is the lone par 5 on the Front 9 and no surprise here it is long and narrow again. Given the trees on the right we advise a line to the left of centre off the tee to make use of the downslope. On the second shot it is highly possible that the fairway bunker will be in play. If possible we suggest a route in to the left of this rather than right as there is more space.

8th – Par 4, 308m, sharp dogleg right. Another sharp dogleg right here, so sharp you cannot see the pin from the tee. The line is to the right edge of the bunker straight ahead which should leave a pitch on. You should have a clean line in if the drive is well struck as the only protection here is a bunker short right of the green. Out of Bounds on the right means that cutting the corner cannot be advised and should not be necessary on this hole.

9th – Par 4, 358m, blind tee shot with downhill run to the green. The view from the tee here invites a good strike from a large club with the promise of getting a kick down the hill if you can carry the ridge of the slope. What you can't see is that there is a bunker on the left just over the ridge, and whilst there is room on the right the slope falls away there so shots that start right will often go further right once they land and leave an approach over trees. A restrained tee shot on the left of centre of the fairway will provide the best line in and most probably the points here.

11th – Par 4, 340m, slight turn left, water in play off the tee. A slight turn left that is not quite a dogleg here. Given the water in play on the right and the non-threatening nature of the trees on the left we suggest that you be as flirtatious as you feel comfortable with with the trees on the left. A good strike should leave a pitch onto the green where again there is the classic combination of bunkers at the front of the green and a slope in the green that leaves a downhill putt from a full approach.

12th – Par 3, 178m, entire carry is over water. A very difficult Par 3 given the lack of bail out room short, right and left, the only place left to go is long and bail out room is a bit skimpy there too! There's not a lot of advice we can give here but if we had to say something we would suggest you pick the right club to carry the green, and then choose one club higher and swing nice and easy. This hole is as much psychology as anything else, and I'm afraid you're on your own there!

15th – Par 4, 350m, another teasing tee inviting a strike, deceptive space on the right. Like the 9th hole the view from the tee invites a big strike to make full use of the downhill slope to the green. The terrain after the ridge is deceptive, where from the tee it appears to open up on the left when actually there are trees and a drop off to the 11th fairway there. All the room is on the right and this is where the smart money goes from the tee. A downhill pitch on and points in the bag hopefully.

16th – Par 4, 384m, long and uphill, Stroke Index one for its length. This Par 4 is long and all up hill. A heroic drive may reach the top of the ridge for a clean shot in but more likely than not the approach will be from an uphill lie. The only protection around the green here is a bunker short left and there is enough room out to the right.

17th & 18th– A long haul back to the clubhouse, straight ahead and slow and steady is the recommendation. There's 853m to get home on the last two holes but a par of 9 to do it in. It is a long haul but there are enough strokes to make it if you are consistent and accurate. Good luck, a well earned beverage awaits in King Kamehameha once you've made it!

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