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Son Servera

Son Servera

Built: 1967
Designed by: John Harris
Green Fee: € Variable (18 holes)


Pro Shop, Driving Range


C. del Golf s/n
Costa de los Pinos
Tel.:+34 971 840 096


About Son Servera

With views across both the bay, the interior and the mountains the natural environment is the star of this course. There are 9 holes here and each one has a different characteristic. Play each one twice and we are sure you will discover something new each time.

The friendly staff and a great kitchen in the clubhouse make this a must visit course whilst nearby are the courses of Pula, Canyamel and Capdepera so it is worth exploring this part of the island further for golfers and non golfers alike.

With more surprises and subtle challenges than most 18 hole courses manage to deliver it is hard to choose just one hole as the signature at Son Servera. For us the second hole is one that stands out above all the rest. At 340m it is a long Par 4 and it incorporates a lot of typical characteristics in the same hole. Fairway bunkers in the range of a drive combined with an elevated green and greenside bunkers make this a difficult hole but a challenge that can be met with the right strategy. On top of that the view from the green is spectacular.

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Son Servera Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 341m, a dogleg right with a blind approach to an uphill green. Son Servera starts as it means to go on here with a dogleg right. The fairway is open with a bank on the left hand side. It is not overly long so we suggest you play for the bank on the left to leave a clean second shot. The flag is behind the tallest pine tree which you can see over the ridge. Of the two greenside bunkers the right is the most forgiving so we suggest you tend this way if you are cautious.

2nd – Par 4, 370m, dogleg left with another uphill approach and well protected green. This signature hole requires a large strike from the tee to make the green in regulation. Staying tight to the corner in line with the largest tree in the distance reduces the length and takes out of play the water feature on the right hand side of the fairway. The trees on this side are spacious and forgiving.

3rd – Par 3, 158m, elevated tee with water on the right and a bunker on the left. The downslope all the way to the green here means that you do not have to club for the pin as anything straight will kick on. We suggest slightly less club than the card would indicate.

4th – Par 5, 452m, sharp dogleg left in front of the green. From the tee the fairway bunker can be in play depending on where the markers are. The sharp 90 degree turn just in front of the green means that the direct line into the green is over the trees tight to the corner of the building on the left.

5th – Par 4, 340m, another dogleg right with a wall running down the right hand side of the fairway. The line from the tee is just to the left of the bushes in front of the green. Anything further right will be in danger of being trapped by the wall that runs along there. The flag is to the right of the telegraph pole with bunkers framing the green. There is another bunker about 20 metres short right of the green.

6th – Par 4, 285m, dogleg left with bunkers in play on every shot and every strategy. Not a long hole so our preferred way to play here is in behind the fairway bunker on the right hand side. This leaves a cleaner line in to the well protected green. 7th Par 5, 480m, a straight but narrow hole with Out of Bounds the length of the right hand side. A narrow hole that requires hitting the fairway off the tee and all the way down. Slow and steady in regulation is our advice for this hole.

8th – Par 4, 416m, a long dogleg left with a hazard in front of the green. A long hole with a hazard in front of the green (which is not on the card or map) means that only the biggest hitters will not have to lay up so there is nothing to lose by going easy and safe off the tee.

9th – Par 3, 167m, long Par 3 with water on the right hand side. The water here shouldn’t really be in play so the challenge is actually the distance. The driving range is on the left hand side and is Out of Bounds.

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