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Son Termens

Son Termens

Built: 1998
Designed by: Grupo Harris, Jose Rodriguez
Green Fee: € 82 (18 holes) € 45 (9 holes)
Buggy: € 40


Ctra. de S'Esglaieta a Santa Maria, km 10
Tel.:+34 971 617 862


About Son Termens

The golf course at Son Termens plays as a short course and the hilly terrain makes for a number of very interesting holes which provide an achievable challenge without being as punishing as other mountain courses.

There are a number of chances to make the green from the tee as well as a few blind tee shots so make sure you have a look at our Shot Saver section on the right to see when to go for it and when to play the percentages. Although the course is narrow it is very forgiving in that most fairways are next to each other so a wild tee shot will often find someone else's fairway. Be aware though that this benefit comes with more than a little danger! Expect to hear 'Fore' a lot and be aware of who is playing around you. The course is kept in excellent condition all year round and the greens are for the most part spacious and quite flat. The addition of a herd of mountain goats adds to the enjoyable feel of the course.

The Signature hole on the front 9 would have to be the 2nd which is a Par 4 of only 276m from the back tees. It is typical of Son Termens as it is far from being a long hole but it is still a challenge. From the tee the landing zone and green are not visible, nor is the water hazard that nobody tells you about before you play it (apart from us!). The green is wide open for the approach shot and although it has no obvious steps in it, it does move more than you'd think. It is a very playable and fun hole.

The Par 4 18th sums up the back 9 and will keep you coming back for more every time. A lovely elevated tee with the best view on the course. The fairway is quite narrow but there is plenty of room on both sides to land your tee shot in. The green is in front of the clubhouse and is very fair and not overly protected. Here you can carry the trees off the tee and chip on.

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Son Termens Shot Saver

1st – Par 4, 229m, straight up and down. A very typical start to the front 9 on this course. The fairway gently slopes uphill to the visible green which is easily readable. The bunker in front of the green is in range of a good drive so it may be wise to start easy, or you could start as you mean to go on and go large. Its up to you.

2nd – Par 4, 276m, blind landing area with a hazard running in front of the green. The line off the tee is just to the left of the pine tree as there is slight turn left to reach the green. The hazard in front of the green which is at the bottom of a downslope can catch you unawares if you strike it too well off the tee.

3rd – Par 4, 291m, green not in sight from the tee. The line here is simply straight up the fairway. If you can strike it cleanly then you may be able to use the downslope of the fairway just over the ridge. The green has a large step in it to provide a challenge on this hole and provide balance.

4th – Par 4, 334m, hazard in front of the green. Keeping to the left of the fairway from the tee will set you up for the best line into the green. Going right may give you more green to work with on approach but you may be obstructed by the tree and have to go over it. There are 2 bunkers framing the green at the front but there is plenty of green to work with.

5th – Par 5, 455m, another hazard short right in front of the green. One of only 2 Par 5's on this course the line from the tee is the bunker you can see in front of you. A solid drive may leave the green in range although it may be wiser to lay up as there is a hazard short right of the green. The bunkers are at the back of the green here so avoid over clubbing up the hill.

6th – Par 5, 466m, the first of three doglegs on the course. Regulation would be to the left of the tree in the middle of the fairway and onwards around the corner. However, it can play shorter if you cut to the right of the tree from the tee. It'll leave a tricky second over the bushes, but fortune favours the bold after all.

8th – Par 4, 293m, Out of Bounds right and water left. Probably the tightest hole on the course with trees and Out of Bounds all the way down the right, with a carry over the water on left. Again not a long hole but precision from the tee is valued above distance here. There is plenty room behind the green so an approach from far away has room for error.

9th – Par 3, 171m, deep depression in front of the green. A long Par 3 with a deep depression in front of the green means plenty of club is required here to avoid it. Having said that it is not a bunker so is fairly easily played out of. Again there is a lot of room at the back of the green.

10th – Par 4, 402m, uphill fairway with a carry over water. Similar to the first hole but longer. The line off the tee is clear to see, but beware of the bunker of the right of the green.

11th – Par 4, 328m, slight turn right with large fairway bunker in front of the tee. The bunker you can see in front of the tee is actually right in front of the green, so this is not a long hole. Here it is your choice to either go easy off the tee to leave a pitch on, or play the Tiger line directly over the tree to shoot for the green.

13th – Par 4, 283m, a very curious hole with a 90 degree dog leg right. A lay up is required off the tee to leave a second shot at 90 degrees to it. You'll need to carry a ravine to hit the green so staying to the right of the fairway will pay off on the second shot.

14th – Par 4, 334m, an elevated tee where the fairway drops off on the right. Another cracking view from this elevated tee. There is a drop-off on the right in the range of a drive so staying left will avoid this as well as leave a bunker free line into the green.

15th – Par 3, 172m, bunkers and drop off on the right. Another long Par 3. All the bunkers are on the right, as well another drop off, so left is clearly the best place to be.

17th – Par 4, 345m, left to right sloping fairway. The line from the tee is left left left. The sloping fairway takes you right, and this is where all the danger is - bunkers and yet another drop off. Keep it left and stay out of trouble, if you have to take less club to achieve this then so be it we say.

18th – Par 4, 318m, elevated tee with large landing area, dog leg left. A lovely way to finish. A great elevated tee with plenty of landing area both right and left if you're wayward from the tee. Best to stay left if you can to make it play shorter and avoid the bunkers on approach. Don't go too far left as the clubhouse is there and that could be embarrassing. Trust me!

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