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Food Available: Yes
Fabrica 3, Santa Catalina
Palma de Mallorca

(Cocktail bar, Restaurant)

Discover some original and delicious cocktails from the legendary mixologists at Hemingway Bar in Santa Catalina ,Palma! Tickle your tastebuds and prepare to be amazed with these incredible cocktails. Check out Digame´s DEAL of the week.

Hemingway bar in Santa Catalina is the only place where you're able to find the unique and innovative cocktails. Serving great cocktails as well as food its a great place to spend and evening with friends. Whether its an after drink work or you wanna make a night of it, this is a great place.

Check out some of the great cocktails on offer, here's a little taste of their vast array of original and classic coktails:

STRAWBERRY VODKA ZEN - Original Hemingway Recipe
Vodka, brown sugar, lemon juice, soda and strawberries.

This cocktail combines strawberries and ginger together in spectacular fashion, with added Vodka, lemon juice and sugar to the mix.


RISTRETTO - Original Hemingway Recipe
Rum, liquid sugar, lime juice and coffee beans.

Crushing the coffee beans creates an aroma that marries perfectly with the taste of rum! Truly Exquisite!

SLOE MOTION - Original Hemingway Recipe
Cava and gin.

Simple and elegant - the Gordon's Sloe Gin used in this coktail resembles Pacharan.

RISOTTO - Original Hemingway Recipe
Saffron Gin, Gin Mare, lemon juice, liquid sugar, soda.

An idea transformed into a recipe, this coktail is the combination of Saffron and Rosemary in a classic Collins cocktail.

THE GIN GIN MULE - Audrey Saunders, New York
Gin, lime juice, mint and ginger beer.

The ginger flavour and and mint notes give the touch that differentiates this cocktail from the original Moscow Mule.

APEROL HEMINGWAY - Original Hemingway Recipe
Aperol, lime chips, brown sugar, and tonic.

This cocktail is classic Aperol with a splash of tonic and adds a touch of the Caribbean. 

FLAME OF LOVE - Chasen's Restaurant - Hollywood
Vodka, Tio Pepe, orange peel.

The preparation of this cocktail is basic, with the resulting strong citrus notes of scorched orange peel donating their essences to this drink. 

 CUARZO MARTINI - Original Hemingway Recipe
Gin, Noily Prat, quartz stone.

An original way to enrich a Dry Martini using quartz stone. They say this drink is therapeutic, thats doctors orders to drink one!

The 2 versions are:
NON-STRESS: With quartz green, health, and taste of ginger.
ONE LOVE: With quartz pink, love, and tasting of roses.

MONARCH MARTINI - Douglas Hankrah, London
Gin, elderflower cordial, mint, lemon juice, liquid sugar and peach bitters.

Named after the two favourite ingredients of the Queen of England - gin and elderflower cordial, with some additional sweetness and sharpness to round off the drink.

What are you waiting... Go and enjoy


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