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Tuesday 22 Feb 2011

BiciPalma is now live all across Palma!

An exciting new public bike scheme has launched in Palma de Mallorca. The BiciPALMA bike scheme provides citizens with 28 public bike stations around the city and over 330 bikes available for general use by the public.

There are 470 bicycle racks provided in order to encourage more people to embrace the bicycle movement. The bikes can be used 7 days a week and will be a great way to get around the city for both business and sightseeing.

There is a network of stations which are be located in 15 different neighborhoods across the city. A number of bike stations are situated next to bus stops to encourage citizens to use the bikes as a part of their daily commute.

The main concept of BiciPALMA is that it is free (for a limited time) and provides affordable access to bicycles for short trips inside the city as an alternative to motorised transport, thereby hoping to reduce traffic congestion, noise and air pollution and the carbon footprint of commuting, as well as enabling residents to become healthier through exercise.

Map of Bike Stations in PalmaClick map to enlarge

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