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Wednesday 20 Apr 2011
Cirque Bouffons

Ever fancied running away and joining the circus?, Well you don´t have to as the amazing Cirque de Bouffons has rocked up again on our island.

This amazing show is back again this year to entertain and enthrall audiences with its amazing circus show.Cirque Bouffon on tour with Angell Volume II is sure to repeat the success of last years shows.


With is unique mix of circus acrobatics, music, comedy, theatre and dance and featuring performing from across Europe and the Caribbean it should be a spectacular show.

Frederic Zipperlin founder, show director, producer and juggler and formerly with the Cirque de Soleill highlights that the show is created to transport the audience into a magical world where anything can happen.

Check out the May schedule below

 Wednesday 4th May - Trivial Film. With Javier Pueyo and Diego Alvarez, 22.30pm

 Thursday  5th May  - Reading of poems by Catalina Valls. A les 21:00pm

 Friday 6th May - "ProvoSwing" with Jose Luis Artieda and Juan Carlos Montaner, 22.30pm

 Saturday 7th May - Doublet: "Sense and Peus cap" with Juan Carlos Montaner, 22.30 pm y Milu presents "Solito" Clown, 00.00 hrs
Wednesday 11th May - " Inesperado " magic with Javier for his friends, 22.30pm

Thursday 12th May - "Piensa" Xisco Ródenas, 22.30 pm

Friday 13th May - Doblete de Magia: " Inesperado " magic with Javi for his friends at 22:30pm and "Magical" with Miguel Gavilán at 00:00.

Saturday 14th May - Doblete: "La calculadora Humana" a las 22:30pm y "Sense cap ni peus" with Juan Carlos Montaner at 00:00.


Tuesday 17th May- Film Trivia with Javi Pueyo & Diego Alvarez, 22,00pm

Wednesday 18th May- "Inesperado" magia with Javier for his friends 22,30pm

Thursday 19th May - "Pienso" with Xisco Ródenas, 22,30 pm

Friday 20th May - Milu presents "Solito show de clown",22,30pm

Saturday 21st May - "ProvoSwing" with Juan Carlos Montaner & Jose Luis Artieda, 22,30pm


Tuesday 24th May- Private dinner. Spectacular magic with Javier for his friends .

Wednesday 25th May - "Magical" with Miguel Gavilán, 22,30pm

Thursday 26th May - Milu presents "Solito show de clown", 22,30pm

Friday 27th May - Dudua, Florette & Milu presentan "Yes, we clown".

Saturday 28th May - Doblete: Comic Juan Aroca from Madrid, 22,30pm &  "Sense cap ni peus", with Juan Carlos Montaner, 00,00 hrs

Cirque Bouffons will be running until the 12th June at the Parc de la Mar and are offering a family bonus tickets for €50!!


Sa Buffons Botiga of Cafe Theatre
C / Valldargent, 29 Palma
info and reservation 660 419 673



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