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Friday 15 Apr 2011
Easter Chocs and Parades

Well Easter is nearly upon us and the smell of chocolate in all the supermarkets is quite overwhelming. However I have to say that it’s impossible for me at the moment to pass by any kind of Easter chocolate treat without wanting to gobble them all up.

I´ve been given one of those famous gold wrapped Chocolate bunnies and I was trying to save it until Easter but unfortunately he has already lost one ear, and if he´s not careful he might end up not evening making it to Easter Sunday!! Look what happened to the poor guys below!


If your kids are into chocolate and you´d like to treat them then why not take then down to the CCA Andratx Easter Egg hunt. Held in the stunning grounds of the CCA Andratx gallery your children can hunt for their eggs while you enjoy a special Easter buffet for only €15 per adult. There is a special menu for the kids which costs €6 and includes the Easter Egg hunt. Open Easter Sunday 12pm to 4pm, for reservations contact CCA Andratx.

Well chocolate aside we wanted to make sure that everyone knew what was happening over the Easter period on the island and thought that we´d provide you with an overview of the Semana Santa Highlights.

As we all know Easter Week is a religious celebration that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s a time for celebration as well as reflection and these parade and processions date back to medieval times.

Processions take place across the island and brotherhoods of believers start off the processions which recreate the last days of Christ.

The events really start on “Palm Sunday” 17th April 2011, which is the day that celebrates Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. Then, from Monday 18th April to Friday 21st April series of processions continue across the island. The main ones are 'Brotherhood of the Blood of Christ' on Maundy Thursday 21st April and the 'Holy Burial' on Good Friday 22nd April.

The 'Descent from the Cross' is a procession which takes place in Felanitx, Pollença, Artà and Sineu are also worth going to see. The week of celebrations comes to a close on Easter Sunday when the Procession of the 'Meeting' is celebrated.

Maundy Thursday – 21st April 

They will be an evening parade that passes through Palma´s streets, where the city’s brotherhoods dressed in penitential robes and conical hoods will be carrying statues of the Virgin Mary. Some statues are so large they will be placed on platforms and may have up to 40 men carrying them. This parade is accompanied by sombre music. Please note this is quite a slow moving parade and can take a few hours to make it round the route.

Good Friday – 22nd April 

Around midday on the Friday the re-enactment of the Passion will take place on the steps of Palma´s majestic cathedral La Seu. Then later that evening approximately at 19.30pm the procession of The Holy Burial will leave from Sant Francesc. Once again the atmosphere of the parade is quite somber and it’s accompanied by music. However it is really a sight to behold and worth making sure that if you have any visitors they go down to view the parade. The atmospheric Decent from the Cross of Calvary in Pollenca takes place at dusk.

Easter Sunday 24th April

Then on Sunday there is the celebratory parade, The joyous Procession of the Meeting which represents the reunion of Jesus with his mother, the Virgin Mary. Men will carry the statue of Jesus to meet the women who will be bearing the statue of the Virgin.

Have a great Easter, fingers crossed the weather stays good and make sure that you don´t eat too much chocy!!





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