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Monday 10 Oct 2011
Felix Fund Bomb Disposal Charity Dinner

The Mallorca Rest and Recovery team are arranging a Charity Fundraising Gala Dinner on Saturday October 22nd in aid of the Felix Fund which helps British Army Bomb Disposal Experts and their families.

The dinner will be held at Mood Beach Club with a reception at 19:30 and Gala Dinner at 20:00. There will be Entertainment and prizes throughout the evening and the dress code is Balck Tie. The Dinner includes Dinner, Wine and Water.

The cost is €50 per person and the proceeds will go the Felix Fund.

Here are some details of the good work the Mallorca Rest and Recovery team do:

11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Regiment Royal Logistics Corps is the British Army's Counter Terrorist Bomb Disposal Unit. The unit employs some 800, specialist soldiers who are based at 16 locations across UK and Europe, but who deploy worldwide.

The Regiment is on call 24 hours a day, providing protection for both civilians and military personnel.

The Rest and Recovery Team Mallorca is arranging therapeutic breaks for bomb disposal teams returning from Afghanistan.

The team consists of Mallorca residents Susan Worthington, Sally Luxmoore and Elaine Macnamara.

Very heavy training requirements and frequent overseas tours mean bomb disposal experts can be separated from their families more often than most other soldiers. The highly dangerous nature of bomb disposal duties means this separation is particularly difficult for all involved.

The Mallorca R&R team, the 11 EOD Regiment RLC and the bomb disposal Charity, Felix Fund are working together to provide welfare breaks in Mallorca. These breaks give bomb disposal experts and the families space and time to relax together, enabling them to renew and strengthen their all-important family bonds.

Much of this programme has been funded either by Felix Fund (www.felixfund.org.uk) or by generous donations from Mallorca residents. However, they need to raise more money to fund the travel and other aspects of future programmes, so your help will be greatly appreciated.

If you can help in anyway, by providing facilities, contributions of any kind or simply to make a donation please contact the Rest and Recovery Team below:
Susan Worthington: susan.worthington@correvia.com M: 670 308 987
Sally Luxmoore: sally.luxmoore@hotmail.com M: 619 070 100
Elaine Macnamara: elaine.macnamara@btconnect.com M: 650 862 132

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