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Friday 20 May 2011
Festival Alternatilla - Escuchando Al Juez Garzon

ESCUCHANDO AL JUEZ GARZÓN (Listening to Judge Garzon)

The film premiered in Palma on the 17th May, and has been shown in Sa Pobla and will finish its Mallorca screening in Club Pollença, on the 27th May at 21.00pm.

ESCUCHANDO AL JUEZ GARZÓN (Listen To Judge Garzon) was first shown in February at the Berlin Festival, creating great excitement; and then on 20th April it opened in Madrid and Barcelona, and 29th  April in Valencia. After Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, Palma will be the fifth city where the film is shown for free.

The film showcases a conservations between the judge Baltasar Garzón and the writer Manuel Rivas, and reviews and and analyses the situation taking place in the Judicial system  today.
The film traces the career of the judge, from his beginnings until now; when the judicial system is questioned and threatened.

Film is shown for Free and will be in Spanish

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