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Wednesday 4 May 2011
Manu Chao - Festival Alternatilla


Manu turns any live gig turns into one big party.

He fuses and mixes the classical tunes evoking memories of his previous bands and performs adaptations of other classic songs but also plays new songs which ensure that his consistent message: of optimism and hope is conveyed. Every performance exudes energy and his shows are ones that should not be missed.
Manu Chao was born in Paris in 1961, to a Galician father and Basque mother. As he says, if at home he had a football now he would be a football player, but instead he had a guitar ... as well as wealth of visitors whom included many refugees, intellectuals, singers, composers, painters ,...- of South American dictatorships whom often went to visit his father, Ramon.

Performing as part of the Alternatilla festival this is a gig that really should not be missed.

Patio del Museu del Calçat, in Inca (C/ del Quarter, Inca)

Thursday  12 de mayo, 21.00pm

Tickets 15€

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