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Wednesday 22 Sep 2010
Portol Fest 2011

This is the 3rd edition of the popular Portol Fest, which this year will play host to six groups with a variety of music styles, which we are sure will delight the audience.

This year's program includes the following;

22:00 pm LAS COÑO RECORDS, an entire girl group who have their own unique and original style

22:45 pm KAUSA, which is another band completely composed of girls, who have hip-hop beats, which are accompanied by soul and rock tones.

23:45 pm DRÄSTICA, After performing several concerts in Madrid and Ibiza, it's time to enjoy their great PunkRock.

00:30 am La Perra Parda, After midnight this great band will make us enjoy their version of IRON MAIDEN.

01:30 pm WHOREMAGEDDON, they will be performing their take on JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, KISS, etc ... These guys are hard rockers and they are sure to keep the night alive.

02:30 pm CICUTA PARA MÍ, will be closing the night with their great PunkRock style.

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