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Wednesday 22 Sep 2010
San Joan

Celebrate the "magic" Noche de San Juan on the 23rd June. The longest night of the year.

It’s a tradition steeped in history, from pagan times, which celebrates the arrival of the summer solstice. As is typical in Spain, we all like a bit of a party and you´ll usually find people celebrating in the streets with friends and family or around the bonfires which are erected for this special night.

Also called Nit de Foc, or Nit de Bruixes it is distinctly festive without losing any of the mystery that surrounds some of the rituals that are performed. Its normal to find the beaches all across the island packed with friend and families who have set up BBQ´s and are enjoying the nights festivities.

Certain councils will set up events or fiestas where live music will be performed.

In Palma especially there is always a big party and main fiesta is held on the cities beaches and the Parc de La Mar The program for this year in Palma will include; 20:30 pm Pinyol Vermell (ball de bot) 21:30 pm Abeniara (ball de bot) 22:30 pm Llonovoy (pregó) 23:00 pm Correfoc (Myotragus) 00:30 h Rock and Press (Rock) And finally end the night with a refreshing bath in the Mediterranean Sea.


Also in Santa Ponsa there will be a beach party with music performed by Mai Meneses from Nena Daconte who in 2006 and 2009 were nominated for an MTV Europe Music Awards. The music is a mix of classic pop and rock, talking about worries such as love, loneliness and a search for what’s real.


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