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Thursday 23 Jun 2011
Summer School


Summer School at Escola Global starts on 4th July and runs until 26th of August 2011 

To book your place email:  ec@escola-global.com


Summer is for fun and enjoyment, and Escola Global are running a Summer School for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years.

They run a varied program every day which alternates between workshops in arts, creativity, academic and sports.

All activities are supervised by professional teachers, artists, acrobats and musicians in English, Spanish and German.

Arts & Crafts at escola Global Summer SchoolArts and Crafts

In these daily workshops the children can explore their creativity and increase their capacity for self-expression, in freedom and through improvisation. Working both on an individual and group basis from painting and crafts through to theatre and audiovisual production.

Music, Theatre

Children love music and theatre and this unifies all cultures. The children will learn acrobatic tricks with circus artists and along with dance, instrument playing and singing forms the basis for this offer.

Teachers effectively use dance and musical performance to help the children not only express themselves but most importantly to have fun by what they are doing.

Swimming sessions at Escola Global MallorcaSports

Their sports teacher offers a vast program of physical education, body awareness and health through an approach based primarily in fun activities.

They offer swimming sessions and stage a weekly 'school sports' day with races and team games in our large well-appointed garden.


The learning philosophy is based on a multilingual approach based on three languages (English, Spanish and German).

During the summer school their didactic process will mainly focus on fun-to-learn information technology packages, role playing and team building activities in these languages.

Story- telling will also play an important role in this process. Additionally special language courses are available for pupils.

 Summer School at Escola Global MallorcaFree time

  Free play is of vital necessity in the development of children particularly to stimulate imagination and by playing “make believe".

The children will be able to fully express themselves searching for the pirate's hidden treasure, play cowboys and Indians, being medieval knights and damsels.

Children love to cook and once a week we will cook together and enjoy the fruits of our labour!


Summer School at Escola Global starts on 4th July and runs until 26th of August 2011 

To book your place email:  ec@escola-global.com

Time from 10am to 3pm
Child care: 8.30am until 10am 3pm until 4.30 pm
Ages from year 3 until 11 years

1 week    150 €
2 weeks    285 €
3 weeks    405 €
4 weeks    510 €
This includes food, drinks and 1 t-shirt of Escola Global
* Price does not include special language courses nor child care

Location Sa Indioteria, Cami dels Reis 684
+34-639-85 72 73

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