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Thursday 15 Sep 2011
Treasure Hunt around La Llonja - Exclusive to Dígame readers!

Example of a QR CodeYou know that we here at Dígame always like to bring new, different and exciting things to our 'Digamigos', and here we have it. The best thing to hit Mallorca since sliced bread!

We've teamed up with 7th Circle Events to offer you an exclusive trial of their Treasure Hunt around the bars of La Llonja, normally €10 per person, now completely free for one night only.

The Treasure Hunts use the latest technology in the form of smart phones and QR codes and combine this with local history, myths and legends to provide a fun night out for friends, colleagues and events. 

Sign up using the form below and you’ll be invited to the exclusive showcase of this game for Dígame readers on October  5th at 7pm in La Llonja.

Here's how the game works:

A Caña or a shot at each bar awaits!All players meet in one of the participating bars and form into groups of 4, each group containing one smart phone able to read QR codes.
Each team logs into the game by scanning the QR code and they are given the first clue!
The players must solve the clue, and enter the answer into the smartphone. If the answer is correct they get directions to the next bar where they will receive a free drink and have to find the QR code for that bar
The players then scan the QR code which will give them the next clue.
Answer the clue, get directions to the next bar and a free drink when you arrive - either a caña or shot of the bar owners choice.
There are six bars!
The team that gets round the bars and answers the clues fastest wins a fantastic prize! 


Here's some examples of the clues:

Potion for curing boils on a horse’s behind
Take three parts of fern,
leave the end for it has no power;
Add three parts of newt that’s half disembowelled -
Plus the brain of a stillborn without any eye
And the first two drops of cascade from the sky
Be sure to put the mixture exactly as you must,
Nor miss any part lest you be cussed
Leave no part in that should be missed
And see the whole arise from the mist

Answer > Fernet Branca

Name this famous french novel:

Must get here
Must get here
Must get here 

Answer > The Three Musketeers

Find the next number in the series
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

Answer > 13


Please be aware that you need to be of legal drinking age in Spain to play this game and the game is conducted in English.

Sign up using the form below and you’ll be invited to the exclusive showcase of this game for Dígame readers on October 5th at 7pm in La Llonja.

Digame Mallorca Treasure Hunt
Please tick this box to confirm you are of a legal age to drink alcohol in Spain.

Don't be shy, invite your friends, its better played in a group of mates, and the more the merrier.

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